Saturday, 2 May 2009

An Unexpected Party

You remember it was my 40th birthday last week? Well I was a bit retiscent about planning a party as I have a bit of a phobia about planning my own parties. (I panic that no-one will come!) Anyway, we decided last minute that we'd invite people over for one of Neil's curries (note the lack of the word 'party'). So miraculously everyone who I wanted to come, could come (about 17 of us) and it was a brilliant night.
We played a couple of silly games, my daughter and her friend made up a super quiz (which me and my friend won!) and the highlight of the night was that we all sang a line of a song and recorded a rendition of "Can't take my eyes off of you". We ate the famous curry with all the extra bits, lots of pudding and then played curling on the Wii. What a night. Lots of laughter and love and hugs. I shall remember it forever.

The best friends in the world!

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