Saturday, 2 May 2009

Everyday Matters

In my efforts to focus my mind on things other than work and 'the big move' I have joined an online group called Everyday Matters. Every week they post a subject to draw. You can do them in order or not. You can do the most recent ones (like I have) or go back over old ones which I have done in my journal without realising it.
I am beginning to really value the online community. There are some extraordinary people out there - artists, crafts people, writers and all round talented folk. I find them truly inspiring and my experience so far has found everyone to be kind and encouraging. I posted some of my journal pictures on Flickr and had some very nice comments - it really warms my heart to think that someone I don't know takes the time to comment on my efforts.
So what with Everyday Matters and Different Strokes from Different Folks I have no shortage of arty inspiration.


winna said...

I must know what "upping sticks" came from????? I think your jounral sketches are just fine and hope to see a lot more!

iva yaneva said...

oh these are really cute! :)
you are doing a great job- have fun!

Alex said...

Well now you've got me thinking! It means moving house but where it comes from I don't know. I looked up and found this:

which explains better than I could. I didn't know it was so British!

Thanks for your comments - I really appreciate it!

Alex said...

Excellent work! :)
I am a Nintendo DS fan too, well, I got the fat version but it works fine. :) My fiancee has the exact similar one as the one which was drawn. I should totally ask her to do the same and see how it turns out.

Lynn said...

Welcome to the EDM group. You sketches are great and I hope we see more of them. Good luck on the move to Australia.

Cathy said...

Good luck on your move to Australia! You might be interested in my friend’s blog. She posted a bunch of sketches on Australian slang in anticipation of her daughter’s trip. Here’s one on “Spit the Dummy”: