Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A tentative re-start?

It has been a long time...over two years in fact.  Emigrating is a major, major head and heart messer.  I am finally feeling that I am coming out of a big fog and actually living a life again.  So off I go with the blog again.
Same rules as before - it's primarily for me to organise my thoughts and feelings and to make me a bit more accountable.  No-one wants to read about how I watched telly, surfed the net and ate chocolate day after day, not even me, so it  should motivate me to notice how I use my time.  It's also a way for family to read about incidental events that happen and to see lots of photos.
I'll aim for at least one a week but I refuse to feel guilty if I fail. start here are a few photos from the summer:

Summer breakfast

fun in the hot-tub

Mum has fun with a kangaroo

Charlie makes a friend

All dressed up for a wedding

My gorgeous daughter and gorgeous mum

Bill the Alpaca smiles for the camera
 Until next time....