Monday, 4 May 2009

More from the journal

This is EDM No. 97 - a gift I have received. I chose the ring my mum sent me from Crete. With hindsight I wish I drawn it on my finger but ho hum!

Have you noticed I've learnt how to use the scanner - much better for my journal pages.

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winna said...

I love the setting the rings is in and love sketches of piles of things--you are making wonderful journal pages

Alex said...

Nice looking ring, and such a good way to spend your time on your laundry day :)
Nice sketches!!

Deborah said...

These are very nice journal pages. I especially like the drawings of your laundry. Great job!

marancat said...

Had to laugh at your comment about clothing - I can empathise with that one! Loved the sketch of your 'sorting out' - it seemed to lead my eye across the page.

Ann said...

These are wonderful journal pages!