Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Arty Inspirations

Thought I'd share a few of the inspirational arty blogs and websites that I've discovered recently (and not so recently). Click on the link to have a look.
Firstly Urban Sketchers - an invitation only blog where super talented artists show their sketches. I love to see the different styles of each person and marvel how they can represent the world with strokes of the pen, pencil and brush.
Then there's Cathy Gatland who sketches life around her and whose style I love. She lives in South Africa.
I came across this chap too - Sanjeev Joshi. His use of colour is fabulous and (unlike me!) he really has control of the paint.
I also love Lynne Chapman who is an illustrator of children's books. She goes to schools doing workshops and chatting to children and is obviously brilliant at it. On the way she sketches people on the train and, as someone who struggles to get proportion of faces correct, I really bow to her skill.
And finally Allan Tazzyman. A member of my family who paints on the Greek island of Crete. He's self taught and exhibits and sells his work to locals and visitors alike.
So thank you all for sharing your work for others to enjoy and for me to be inspired by.


The Tin House said...

Alex, I'm looking forward to a few moments of free time to check out these links.

In the meantime...here are 5 questions for you. Enjoy!

1. What situation gives you near-perfect peace?

2. Top 5 paintings

3. Do you have a favourite speech that gives you chills even just reading about it? (I have a dream etc)

4. Oranges or lemons?

5. handwritten letters, or email?

The Tin House said...

p.s. There is an Australian band called, "My friend the Chocolate Cake".....I always used to back announce their music with the quip, "every chocolate cake is a friend of mine".....ho ho ho

pps. When are you moving? Is it permanent? Are you an aussie returning? What's the connection?
Do you have worked lined up? Where? Got a house? more info required. Lisa x