Monday, 6 April 2009

The Interview (part one)

Lisa from the Tin House has sent me some interview questions. I think the point of sending questions is to get the interviewee to think about and post about things they probably wouldn't normally do. If so then Lisa has done a great job because I have been pondering my questions all weekend! I may not get them all answered at once but I will answer them.

1. What situation gives you near-perfect peace?

It is Spring (or a British Summer will do quite nicely), I am outside, in the countryside. Corfe Castle in Dorset, Shepstor on Dartmoor, Wembury Beach in Devon, The New Forest, anywhere there is wide open space. The sun is out, but isn't too hot. There is a soft breeze. There are some people about but not too many and they aren't really anywhere near me. I can feast my eyes on the glorious scenery, pretty much drink it in. My children are able to run about and play, enjoying jumping, hiding, climbing, searching, with freedom. I may have a book, I may chat away with my husband, I may be hiking ,I may just close my eyes and feel the sun on my face.

That is near-perfect peace for me.

2. Top 5 paintings

Oh my gosh, this is a hard one. I'm not sure I have 1 favourite painting, let alone 5! I adore other people's work and can spend ages looking at paintings, enjoying the way they may have used colour or captured a scene. But I don't really remember or take note of the painting. I do have one original painting done by someone in Lyme Regis - a friend of a friend whose name I have forgotten and whose signature is too hard to read. It's of one of my favourite subjects!
Excuse the odd angle - I was trying to avoid the reflection of the flash in the glass.
I also really like a painting called Autumn Dawn by David W Young which I would love to have. It really captures the mood of Dartmoor to me.
Those are the only two specifics I can think of. I tend to prefer watercolour and I tend to like paintings of people and places that mean something to me.
If I suddenly think of 3 more favourite paintings I shall be sure to let you know!
More interview questions later - must get on!

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The Tin House said...

Alex, I loved your explanation of perfect peace! And I think you're right about the idea behind the task at hand, it does get you thinking.

Lisa x