Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Quince paste

A few years ago I tasted quince paste for the first time and a love affair began.  The sweet, ruby, gooey paste with my crackers and cheese goes down a treat, the only pip in the paste being the outrageous price.
Fast forward to a couple of Sundays ago at the markets, when I spotted buckets of yellow, knobbly quince on the back of a truck.  $4 later and 2 kilos were mine!

I chopped them up and put them in a pan with enough water to almost cover.

 Then, when they were soft, I whizzed the whole lot up in the liquidizer.

Squished the pulp through a sieve and weighed it.  Then added the same amount of sugar (next time I would add a bit less sugar)

Then left it in the slow cooker for hours as it bubbled away and reduced and got redder.

Finally, (when I really needed to go to bed) I poured it into moulds and left it to set overnight.

Enough quince paste to give away to family and to last for ... ooh ... a couple of months!
I'm keeping it in the freezer. It doesn't freeze solid - it's ready to eat as you take it out.


Patch said...

Wow, it really does change colour. And isn't it beautiful. I've never tasted it unfortunately.

Alex said...

Patch - you should definitely try some - it's delicious. x