Monday, 16 April 2012

Autumn in the garden

Gerbera - so cheerful

These pink flowers are so dainty

Metal birdies

Tealight holder

Baby avocado


Protea - you can't see the giant ants that inhabit this tree.  Once I brought a bunch of them in the house to put in a vase - never again!


These are good ground cover
Amazing how close-up pictures can focus attention on the colourful and fruitful bits of the garden.  Maybe I should show you wider shots, you'd get a truer picture of the garden then!


Anne said...

It seemed really strange for you to describe this post as autumn in the garden, but then I saw you live in Aus! I am so glad it is coming to our spring/summer!

Alex said...

Anne - I will never get used to these upside down seasons! Easter and my birthday in Autumn, back to school in February, harvest at the beginning of summer and, worst of all, Christmas in the Summer. I'm a northern hemisphere girl!