Thursday, 19 April 2012

Silver Birch

Yesterday we planted trees in the paddock.

One of our new silver birch trees
Plenty of water
When we moved into this house there was a 'dam' in the middle of the bottom paddock. I say 'dam' but what it actually was, was a big hole that for 6 months was half full of stagnant water and, for the other 6 months was completely empty.  (Note to UK readers - in Australia a dam is a man-made lake/reservoir)
Anyhow, we decided that the hole was a bit useless as well as an eyesore so we filled it in and scattered grass seeds.

But this week we planted trees.

Putting up the fence to keep the alpacas from chewing the trees
Checking out the new additions to the paddock
And then we went to the timber yard to get some mulch to put round the base of the new saplings.

I've never seen so much wood in one place!

We got a bit more mulch that we bargained for!

I managed to get a few photos of birds having a bath.

Til next time.


Gillian said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have all that space! It looks beautiful.

Scarlet said...

I love trees. We found a tiny silver birch sapling at the allotment a few years ago and planted it at the bottom of the plot. It's done amazingly well and is now around 8' tall. The photos of the birds bathing are amazing!

Alex said...

Scarlet - I really hope our little trees grow good and strong, I'm not sure how fast they grow.

Gillian - yes we are really lucky to have lots of space. We live in a little country town where most of the blocks are big. In England, our garden was the size of a postage stamp so it takes some getting used to!