Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Last day of my 30s!

Today I am 39. Tomorrow I will be 40. 40! I never thought I'd be 40. I'm quite pleased actually.

Tomorrow I will be grown up.

I will be confident.

I will be able to speak to strangers on the phone and not feel inferior.

I will be able to 'do' my hair.

I will be able to walk in high heels and wear the correct clothes for the occasion.

I will carry a handbag that matches my shoes.

I will know what to do with a chiffon scarf.

I will remember to send birthday cards and not leave them 'on the side'.

I will not panic about parking the car.

I will no longer lick out the cake mix bowl but leave it for my children.

I will not laugh when my husband farts.

I will not find toilet humour funny.

.......will I heck as like! But I am hoping and expecting that 'Life Begins..' How exciting!

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Barkers said...

Fabulous! xx