Monday, 2 March 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Oh how I love this day! Comforting, familiar, cosy. As a child I hated Sunday (probably because I hadn't done my homework!) but as an adult it has become an essential touchstone to the week - a day to refresh, restore and revive.

Elements of Sunday:
  • Get up without the help of an alarm clock
  • Special breakfast (croissants, pancakes, pains au chocolate)
  • Sunday papers
  • Quiet activities
  • Walking in the countryside
  • Roast dinner
  • Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise. We don't watch these TV programmes but I like to have them on because they are so 'Sunday'
  • Sunday tea (boiled eggs, buns, crumpets, jam, honey)
  • A wildlife programme (we all enjoy these)
  • Kids in the bath, brushing wet hair, trimming toenails, bedtime
  • A costume drama (nobody does it better than the BBC - Cranford was superb)

We don't do all of these things every Sunday, just some. It's enough to set us up for the week ahead.

Monday tomorrow, 6 days till the next Sunday - *sigh*.

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Jen at Semantically driven said...

Cranford just finished showing here in Aus. I too enjoyed it. Sunday for me though is the day before Monday where I have to go to work, except for this weekend as we have a holiday on Monday.