Saturday, 21 March 2009

10 out of 10

I have just finished reading this and now I feel quite bereft. I don't often read autobiographies, finding them a bit self-indulgent and often extremely dull, but this was quite different. It moved me to tears and had me laughing out loud, it revealed a woman who is creative, loving, intelligent, loved, forgiving and ultimately who I can relate to and whose emotions and thoughts helped me to make sense of my own. I have always enjoyed her humour (mostly - Titanic spoof especially!) and now I admire her immensely as a person. I wish she lived next door, I'd take her round a coffee cake and stop for a cuppa and a big chat.

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The Tin House said...

Alex, I'm excited as I've just found Dawn & Jennifer are heading here for their 'farewell tour' and I'm off to see if tickets are still available.

I have a thousand questions for you but I'll try and keep it down to just 5. I'll get back to you on the interview front over the next couple of days.

I'm enjoying reading your backposts. But for now, I must away and play lego to stop the ever increasing volume of the request.

Lisa x

p.s. I'm a worrier too!