Thursday, 19 February 2009


We are in Half Term. This means a week off school - yay!

We are, at present, waiting for an offer on our house. 'They' came to see it on Saturday, and then a second viewing Sunday and were really keen. Reeeally keen - which was quite strange as I always thought you should keep your cards close to your chest, so to speak, when it comes to house buying. Anyway, we hoped we'd get an offer on Monday, but 'they' were talking to their financial advisor. Then we thought maybe on Tuesday but now 'they' are doing their sums and will be back to us on Friday. So this week off school has felt very heavy with expectation - we have been waiting all week. I can't believe anyone will buy our house because it's been so long and we've been so unlucky, which is irrational I know but I need to protect my fragile emotions with pessimism. But always there is a tiny ember of hope.......we shall see.

(NB Any housebuyer/viewer will be known as 'they' - impersonal and objectifying)

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