Sunday, 18 January 2009

Well, here goes......

Having contemplated doing this for a few months now and having fiddled about with the layout, it is now time to start posting.

But what to post? In the still of the night I am inspired to write all sorts of original and intelligent things but now, in the cold light of day those ideas seem to have deserted me and I feel a bit of an empty head!

Why am I doing this? I suppose I am hoping that by writing down bits of my life and thoughts and happenings I will make more sense of my life. I'm hoping that I'll begin to see a pattern, a plan. By communicating with others I'll see that I'm not so odd, I'm not out of sync with the rest of womankind. I want to feel normal, or if not normal, then happily abnormal. That's the key I think - confidence. I want to be confident to be me. How will writing a blog achieve this? No idea, but I just feel that it is a good thing to do, for me, at the moment.

I'm not going to promise to write every day or even every week because, I fear, I will fail and then feel like a failure. Another thing started and not finished (like the garden design course). So I'll post when the muse inspires and see how I go.
For now...
(The photo, by the way, is just one I like. It's not symbolic of anything. Certainly not symbolic of how I feel I look after Christmas. Definitely not.)


Pam said...

Welcome to blogging!

Andrea said...

I hope you do write everyday because there's something about getting your thoughts out there that is liberating! I enjoy reading other blogs because it makes realize that I'm not alone in my ideas. It's also so great to see how much talent there is out there. Good luck with your blog!